Fanooz is turned on (in development phase)
January 1, 2010

The data from GolfInvestors has finally been ported to the Fanooz web site. The Fanooz site is now operational, but is still in a development phase. This means that there are bugs in the system and there are still a lot of features that still need to be implemented. However, users can setup accounts on Fanooz and can begin to help maintain the golf data going forward.

John Mueller
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Need help with move
November 15, 2009

As many know, I turned off the main site of GolfInvestors in May of this year and was hoping to moving the player and tournament data to another site (and not move the market technology). That way users could then be able to contribute to keeping up with the player and tournament data for professional golf tournament as opposed to having me do it alone. [ See more about the "community plan" in the message posted in May ]

The hope was to get that completed by June. However, I have only been able to think about the idea and plan for it...but not put any actions to the plan. This has been frustrating as it is a nice plan to allow users to contribute to scoring updates and thus be rewarded with obtaining data for their own analysis.

If anyone is a PHP/MySQL developer and would like to help, please let me know (send me an email). I need the help. I can not pay anyone financially. But if you do help, I would be willing to provide you access to the player and tournament data (i.e. earn community points).

John Mueller
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GolfInvestors has been turned off
May 4, 2009

Today, May 4th, I decided to close down the entire GolfInvestors site. Thus, the reason you are reading this message as opposed to seeing the data on GolfInvestors.

My main focus now is on my PhD work at the University of Louisville. I was hoping to be able to use data from GolfInvestors for my dissertation. However, that does not look like it is going to happen, and I have other interests that are now thriving in terms of where my dissertation will go (pertaining to finance and entrepreneurship). Maybe in the future, once I get through my PhD work, I will restart the market activities of GolfInvestors as a hobby to my academic career.

I want to thank all of the persons that stuck with me over the past 10 years on GolfInvestors. There have been users that have come and gone, but there have also been a select group of people that have stuck around year after year. I really appreciate that. It would have been nice to have more feedback. However, just watching each of you use the system has allowed me to improve the system over time and learn about how to make things better (even though there are some areas which I couldn't improve on). Hopefully all of the users enjoyed using the system.

As I initially wrote on April 5th, I turned off the stock market activity on GolfInvestors. That included both the simulation and real markets. Since 1999, I had been building the stock markets to work towards real markets. The long term purpose was to help professional golfers raise and manage their financing. The short-term purpose was to have a fantasy game that users (investors) could enjoy and learn how the real markets would work once the real markets were in full operations.

I never did an official offering on the real market. However, that is not to say that they would not have worked, as I had a number of professional golfers want to use the system. I just didn't think the system was ready for real markets without any hand holding and full monitoring. So I was very conservative on who would be able to do offerings.

As well, there were a number of players that were skeptical of me and the system. I am not the type of person that tries to win people over. If a person does not like me, or does not trust me, I just go the other way. I am not going to try to "win" over someone that doesn't want to trust me. If I am guilty in someone's eyes before proven innocent, it is up to them to make the change, not for me to try to convince them otherwise. I am just not the type of person to try to sale another person on who they should trust and who they should not trust.

In any event, when I finally did decide to open up the market and not have as much monitoring, the player that I did decide to allow to do the first offering decided to back out. He just went quiet on me, even though he said that he was willing to take the chance of being the first golfer to do an offering on GolfInvestors. I did not make a big deal out of the fact that he was going to be the first player to do an offering. The reason was because I did not want to have the player get cold feet because I was over promoting him via GolfInvestors. After he backed out, rather than continue to try to move GolfInvestors forward, I decided to shut down the stock market activity indefinitely. This is what I did on April 5th. In all fairness to the player, I took my time in getting the documents put together. I was not speedy in getting the documents completed like he wanted. However, once I did get the documents to a draft format for his review, he decided to not reply.

In the end, the system was being used a lot more for non-trading activity as opposed to trading activity. For example, there would be 25-75 users logging in each day to trade as compared to 500 to 5,000 (during the majors) users visiting the site for data each day and not trading. So most of the activity was to find data on specific players and tournaments. Nothing was wrong with that. It was just that....that was not the main purpose of GolfInvestors.

To create a robust system, I needed access to data from multiple tours around the world. When GolfInvestors was started 10 years ago, there was not one site that would aggregate the tournament results. Slowly, over the years, I was able to build a database of scores from numerous tours around the world. So now there is one place where all the data can be accessed...and that is GolfInvestors. If you want to find an obscure result on a mini-tour for a player that has played in the last 5 years, Google usually will show GolfInvestors in the results.

That being the case, I have decided to keep up the data and provide that to users. I am going to do that in an unconventional fashion. I am going to ask users to contribute to the data upkeep going forward. I will provide the archival data from the work I have done on GolfInvestors the past 10 years, but am going to ask users to help keep results up to date going forward. The date I am going to do this will most likely be sometime in June (depending on the data move and the code changes I need to make).

A community of users will be able to keep the data up to date, and be able to download the data if they provide to the community. Users will earn "community" points by helping with the data up keep and providing verification services (i.e. 3 random users will verify the data entered by another user), and in return will get access to the data accordingly. The users will be able to download the data, sync the data, etc., so that they can put it on their web site or be able to analyze the data on their local computers. Wherever the data is shown or an analysis using the data has been done, they will need to show that the data source is from GolfInvestors. Users will not be able to charge for the data. However, they will be able to charge for their analysis of the data and how they show it on their web site (i.e. via their scripts, etc.). But they can not redistribute the data in its raw form. Their users will need to go to the source site ( and earn "community" points to be able to access the raw data.

The site that will house the data will most likely be on [ After thinking about this some more, most likely this site will be hosted on as it will be a fan-based site -- I have since released the domain as I don't use it anymore. ]

For further updates on the data move, you can check back here or on the (now the site in the future.

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